Cedric Wherry…Motivational Speaker
HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Specialist

Meet Cedric Wherry

As a dynamic motivational speaker and trainer, Cedric brings 16 years of valuable and comprehensive experience to audiences of all ages.  He is a graduate of Alabama A & M University , with a major in Communications and a minor in Social Work. His passion for serving others lead him to the front lines in the fight against HIV & AIDS, and he remains committed to providing not only lifesaving HIV/AIDS information, but also inspires his audiences to learn more about other health disparities plaguing the African American community. As a National Faculty Trainer for the American Red Cross, he has trained and certified hundreds of instructors across the United States .

His dedication to working with youth prompted him to start InnerVision Consulting.  Through InnerVision, Cedric conducts seminars and workshops on Fatherhood Iniatives, Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Human Sexuality, Making Proud Choices (a safer sex curriculum), S.T.A.Y. (Students Teaching AIDS to Youth), Anger Management and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education. Common elements in all of Cedric’s presentations include motivational themes, humorous and accessible analogies, fact-filled content, multi-media formats suited to audience size (PowerPoint, music, handouts, role plays, and activities) and a variety of tools to suit any group, such as teens, parents, teachers, ministers, and executives.

As an Independent Contractor of Human Services, Cedric is called upon to speak at seminars, school assemblies, youth rallies, prisons, churches, detention centers, alternative schools, World AIDS Day programs and many other venues.

Currently Cedric is a staff HIV Prevention Education Specialist at Selma AIR, a CBO located in Selma, Alabama . Covering several counties in the area, Cedric provides education and training, as well as counseling and testing for the community.

Cedric is the CEO and founder of AMEN (African American Men Educating a Nation), a mentoring organization based in Huntsville, Alabama, geared toward preparing young African American males ages 6-18 for the challenges of life.

As an educator and filmmaker with a passion for visual storytelling, his uniquely artistic and creative direction can be seen in the work he does at Thaddeus Brooks Productions, an independent film company. His music video, You Just Don’t Want to Know, his first feature film, Undetectable and his most recent project, Connections: A Series of Short Films all address HIV/AIDS in the African American community.

Cedric resides in Selma, AL but is a native of Huntsville . As a committed father, he also enjoys spending time with his sons, Cedric Jr. and Malik.


Connections: An African American HIV/AIDS Prevention Workshop

The Connections African American HIV/AIDS Prevention Workshop is a 24 hour course divided into three (3) parts presented in a 3 day session. It is designed to deliver HIV education and life-saving prevention skills. Participants learn to facilitate discussions in both a non-formal setting or in a professional capacity (e.g.as an educator, counselor, or volunteer), using the information and skills they learn in the class. The course breakdown is as follows:

  • Act 1: Basic HIV/AIDS Awareness and Perceptions, which reviews basic knowledge about HIV/AIDS and discusses social behaviors that lead to infection.
  • Act 2: HIV/AIDS Prevention Skills which teaches participants methods for applying the information learned in the workshop to personal behavior.
  • Act 3: HIV Solutions. In this session, participants brain storm ways to decrease the number of HIV cases in their local communities and deliver callbacks which incorporate some of those ideas, along with the information provided in the workshop.

The workshop uses discussions, activities, and the Connections HIV/AIDS Short Film Series, which is a collection of short films designed to target culturally specific at-risk populations. Sessions include demonstrations, brainstorming, task groups, and role plays which will help to develop the decision making and negotiation skills of participants.

Act 1: Basic HIV/AIDS Education

The goal of this 4 hour course is to help people develop a personal knowledge base about HIV/AIDS and skills in separating facts from misinformation.

Voices Voces

This 45 minute single session is a culturally specific, video-based intervention for STD clinic patients. Groups of participants first review one of the culturally appropriate STD prevention videos, such as  “Let’s Do Something Different” for African Americans. The video provides accurate risk information and corrected misinformation, portray positive attitudes about condom use, and model gender- and culturally-specific strategies for encouraging condom use. Interactive group discussions following the video reinforce the STD and HIV prevention message. Participants are encouraged to talk about problems they have experienced when trying to use condoms and discuss strategies to increase condom use.  All participants are offered a selection of free condoms at the clinic. 

Making Proud Choices:

Making Proud Choices is a safer sex approach to STDs, Teen Pregnancy, and HIV prevention curriculum. It is an eight module curriculum that provides young adolescents with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to reduce their risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV and pregnancy by abstaining from sex or using condoms if they choose to have sex. The goal of Making Proud Choices is to empower young adolescents to change their behavior in ways that will reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV and other STDs and their risk for pregnancy. This is a 2-4 day course.

Students Teaching AIDS to Youth (STAY)

STAY is a 3-day workshop where students learn to teach HIV education to their peers. STAY trains youth to teach their peers about HIV/AIDS under the supervision of an adult leader. Participants in this nationally recognized curriculum learn basic facts about HIV/AIDS, practice effective communication skills and discuss cultural awareness issues.

The African American Male &   Fatherhood Initiative:

This 4 hour workshop centers on empowering African-American males to help reduce contact with the criminal justice system, increase physical health, and improve connections with children and families. The program teaches participants the positive aspects of their cultural heritage and simultaneously increases their self- esteem and their desire to excel.

The presentation style involves high activity, hands-on learning, non-verbal and verbal communication, and a colorful language. Results are aimed at better school attendance, improved academic performance, positive relationships with peers and adults and reduced criminal acts, substance abuse, and suspensions from schools for young males.

Sex Talk: Tips for the Teacher

Many young people cannot talk about sex at home or in the community. Nor can they talk about the risk behaviors that can lead to HIV infection. They may feel equally uncomfortable talking to their parents, and their parents in turn may also be embarrassed or lack the confidence to discuss the subject with their children. This 8 hour course arms teachers with basic skills needed for talking to different age groups on a wide range of sexual health education topics including values, puberty and reproductive health, self esteem, sexual identity, relationships, communication and decision-making, contraception and safer sex and STIs and HIV.

Self Love For Life:

To honor and love ourselves is to be committed to our right to exist which stems from the knowledge that our lives do not belong to others, nor are we here to live up to someone else's expectations. In this fun and interactive training session, the presenter will discuss values, life goals, and career aspirations. This 2 hour workshop focuses on what we value most in life and how sex plays a role in that picture. Through discussion, demonstration, role play and task groups, participants will learn and develop strategies to help youth define and appreciate their self-worth, which will help them to make wiser choices about sexual behavior, such as post-poning sex until marriage, monogamy and protection.

Anger Management:

Anger Management is a 1-2 day workshop and is a highly effective way of learning skills that can help improve your life. Our anger management classes focus on a variety of proven skills that will help facilitate change. Participants will learn skills in communication, effective listening strategies, conflict resolution, stress management, judgment and impulse control, anger management, empathy and emotional awareness, expectation management, forgiveness and much more.

Power Moves

Power Moves is a situational approach to HIV Prevention for High Risk Youth. Power Moves is designed for high-risk youth. The goal of this curriculum is to decrease the percentage of youth currently engaging in sexual and drug use behaviors that place them at risk for HIV infection. The lessons involve participants in program activities that foster pro-social skill development.

Connections Short Film Series Facilitation Skills Course

The Connections Short Film Series Facilitation Skills Course is an 8 hour class which provides participants with basic HIV/AIDS education. The course is designed to properly prepare community leaders to present the Connections Short Film Series and facilitate a group discussion using the film series discussion guide. The study guides contain prepared questions and activities designed to reinforce each film. The core facilitation skill provided in this course is leading a group discussion in a non-judgmental way. Other skills include activities, demonstrations, brainstorming, task groups, and role plays.

Personal Statement

"AIDS is one of the leading causes of death of young African American women between the ages of 25 and 34” and it’s been that way for 15 years running. How long and how many more sisters have to die before we understand the magnitude of that statement? At what point do we realize that this is an African American issue and that no one is going to do anything about it, if we as a people don’t stand up now to stop this epidemic. At what point are we going to realize that the problem isn’t that we aren’t talking about HIV/AIDS, but that we’re just not listening to HIV/AIDS. The studies have been done. The results are in. The strategies have been selected and put into action. Free testing is available. The message is crystal clear. But still, African Americans make up more than half of all AIDS cases in the US, and in poor southern states, such as my home state of Alabama, African American women make upwards of 72 percent of all new HIV cases. We’ve all heard the facts- brothers on the downlow, poor access to medical care, poverty, racism, high male incarceration, multiple partners, survival sex, drugs & alcohol, and distrust of the health care system. But at the end of the day, when you read the statistics, and consistently the figures stack up against you: when your government continues to cut the HIV/AIDS budgets for more pressing causes: when your pastor slams his door on yet another gay brother, ignoring the church’s responsibility to lead our people out of the wilderness: when your 16 year old daughter test positive for the virus because you did nothing even though you knew it was 100% preventable, and next year when AIDS becomes one of  the leading causes of death of young African American women for 16 years and running…  at what point do you admit to yourself, that maybe you just didn’t wanna know.

Presentation Style:

Cedric’s presentations are relaxed yet highly energetic, humorous, informative and interactive with the audience. He combines experience, practical techniques and a healthy dose of facts and fun that will inspire all in attendance. His keynote

programs, workshops and training seminars deliver positive and productive

messages and can be customized to match the specific needs of your group. Presentations include discussions, demonstrations, role plays and task groups that are designed to produce life changing results.


“Mr. Wherry’s message is motivating and inspires positive change.”
Wendy Williams
Alabama Cooperative Extension
Alabama A&M University
Huntsville , Alabama

“Delivery was so creative. You really know how to capture an audience”
Walter Parks
Neaves Detention Center
Huntsville , Alabama

“Presenter held the attention of young people and kept them extremely interested throughout presentation.”-
Mrs. Coleman
Butler High School
Huntsville , Alabama

“Your ability to connect to your audience is a true gift!”
Jacqueline Currie
Student Affairs
Stillman College
Tuscaloosa , Alabama

"Cedric delivered a soul and heart stirring presentation. Students were asking questions and calling me in the community for week, wanting to know when could he come back. Everyone was so receptive and really listened and took what he said to heart. Cedric is able to spread the truth of HIV/AIDS with sincerity, empathy and he is very knowledgeable. Thanks Cedric.”
Debbie Dawson, Nu Rho Omega Chapter
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Hinesville, GA

"Cedric Wherry is a versatile and effective leader. He is masterful at meeting people of all ages and educational levels where they are and empowering them to successfully meet their objectives. In order to win the battle against HIV/AIDS in our African-American communities, we need more leaders like Cedric Wherry."
Delores Cooper, RN, Ryan White Program Manager,
Glynn County Health Department,
Brunswick , Georgia

“I’ve been to trainings all over the country. I’ve never experienced anything like this class”.
Brandon Tierce
Prevention Case Manager
Health Services Center
Anniston , Alabama

Booking Information:

All courses can be customized to meet the needs of your group. Please contact us at tbp.innervision@gmail.com for a price quote.

Cedric’s presentations are available in the following time segments:

Keynotes: 30, 45, or 60-minute presentations.

Workshops: 2-hour, 3-hour, 4-hour, or full-day workshops.

Seminars:  2 or more days.


To book Cedric, please contact:

Raphaella McCrary, Booking agent at tbp.innervision@gmail.com