“Now Is Not the Time” - by James J. Bolton, PhD

Don’t be upset about your current state in life. So many people are despondent and discouraged because they are a certain age yet haven’t done certain things. Don’t let your age, job, living condition, relationship (or lack thereof), bank account, failures, family status, or people make you feel worthless. Even if where you are was a result of a bad decision, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world. God knows where you are. He’s knows everything about you. He selected you to succeed (Romans 8:29). He purposed you to prosper, even when it looks and feels like you will never accomplish the dreams you’ve had. Now is not the time to give up. Now is not the time to second guess your life and your purpose. Now is not the time to wonder ‘if God was in it’. Now is not the time to ask how you got where you are. In fact, if God did not want you where you CURRENTLY are, then He would have left you where you PREVIOUSLY were!

About Deacon Bolton

Even though James is a Molecular Biologist by training and education, his passion is telling others about the love of God by teaching the Word of God. James has been involved in ministry for more than 18 years, and was ordained in 2000. He has completed several religious courses and certifications towards a systematic degree in Biblical Studies. He has been a Sunday School and Bible Study teacher, and has served as Singles Ministry Director. Having a sincere heart for people, James volunteered every Thursday at a juvenile detention center, motivating the youth and offering them Biblical words of hope. He joined the Gideons International several years ago, and has been instrumental in carrying out the organization's sole mission---passing out free Bibles all over the world. He has traveled internationally as a guest lecturer/teacher/revivalist and has affectionately been called 'Blaze' and deemed the 'Preach'n Deacon' (Stephen). As a result of God's hand on his life, James has received many praise reports of healing, deliverance and restoration. He makes an honest effort to keep in contact with all the individuals blessed by his ministry.