Thaddeus Brooks Productions, founded in 2010, is a Huntsville-based independent film company dedicated to producing cutting edge films that spark thought, invoke dialogue, and change lives.

Our passion for visual story telling, along with our pledge to deal with real life issues, such as HIV/AIDS, sexuality, health, religion, and education, is what sets TBP apart. At the core of the company, lies a formula for success consisting of a highly gifted and creative film producer, Thaddeus Brooks, a uniquely artistic director, Cedric Wherry, and a prolific screenwriter, Raphaella McCrary. Together, we contribute more than 25 years of health, educational, video and film production experience. As innovative filmmakers, we give our commitment to discovering and discussing empowerment strategies for a better way of life.

Thaddeus Brooks, Executive Producer/Editor - Thaddeus Brooks is a highly gifted and creative film producer with over twelve years of experience. He is a native of Huntsville, Alabama and a graduate of Alabama State University, where he studied Communications and Sociology. He discovered his love for film early in his career, and has spent the last 12 years behind the camera producing television, local commercials, and home videos. He has produced several music videos including Say Goodbye, Prayers of Favor, and You Just Don’t Want to Know. Undetectable, his first independent film, has received great reviews from audiences all over the U.S. When not working on film, Thad spends his free time mentoring at risk young males. Cedric Wherry, Director -  As a dynamic director, motivational speaker and trainer, Cedric brings 16 years of valuable and comprehensive experience to audiences of all ages. He is a graduate of Alabama A & M University, with a major in Communications and a minor in Social Work. His passion for serving others lead him to the front lines in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and he remains committed to providing lifesaving information both on and off camera. As an educator and filmmaker with a passion for visual storytelling, his uniquely artistic and creative direction can be seen in music videos such as Say Goodbye, Prayers of Favor, and You Just Don’t Want to Know. Undetectable, his first independent film, and was selected in the 2010 Selma Jubilee Film Festival. Cedric is a native of Huntsville, Al. As a committed father, he also enjoys spending time with his sons, Cedric Jr and Malik.
Raphaella McCrary, Screen Writer/Production Assistant - Born on the Red River in Avoyelles Parish, affectionately nicknamed the Louisiana Crossroads, it comes as no surprise that screenwriter, Raphaella McCrary, tells stories that stimulate fiery conversations among her audiences. While the short film, Undetectable by Thaddeus Brooks Productions is her first screenplay in production....she comes from a culture of vibrant story tellers and has been writing for the sheer joy of it since her childhood. She began her journey as a communications major at Louisiana State University, but later chose to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursued a career in nursing at Avoyelles Technical College. She recently began writing the screenplay for the 5 part short film collection, Connections by Thaddeus Brooks Productions. She currently resides in and works for the State of Georgia’s Coastal Health District in the Communicable Diseases Division. In her free time, she enjoys sharing books, watching films, and traveling to exotic places with family and friends. C. DeWayne Cunningham, Director of Cinematography - C. DeWayne Cunningham, is an artist, actor, director, song & screen writer from Beatrice, Alabama. He graduated with honors from both of J.F. Shields High School & Alabama State University. C. DeWayne was introduced to the entertainment business by his best friend & brother Kalonji Ethington, who encouraged him to pursue a career in music while attending ASU. "I moved into the world of visual arts because I wanted the world to see what I saw in our music. Once I realized I saw so much more than music there was no stopping me."  Currently living in Montgomery, Alabama, C. DeWayne writes the treatment, directs & edits music videos, commercials, promos, short films & etc for those who have an idea they want expressed visually in a special way through his production company "Carolyn Jean's Son VISIONS".  C. DeWayne Cunningham joined Thaddeus Brooks Productions in the fall of 2011 after answering an open casting call online to be an extra in one their short films. "Oh yeah, I just bonded with the crew from day one, the rest is history in the making".
Lisa Marie Desselles, Production Assistant – A new member of the team, is a native of Marksville, La. She grew up in a rich mixture of Cajun, Creole and Catholic heritages that help define her calm and laid back personality. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from Louisiana State University and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the past 15 years. She spent several years working in maximum security prisons in Louisiana serving adult and juvenile inmates. Currently, Lisa is working in service to American veterans at the VA Medical Center in Jackson, MS. She has two sons; Nicholas and Jonathon, both are attending college in Louisiana. Lisa is an avid reader and enjoys volunteering with various local agencies working to serve the poor and homeless of the community. She is the proud baby sister to our Production Assistant, Raphaella Desselles McCrary. Antowan Fleeton, Hair and Make Up Artist – An artist is defined as somebody who does something skillfully and creatively, and someone who is exceptionally good at a particular thing.  Antowan Fleeton, a native of Montgomery AL, is the factual epitome of a Make-up Artist.  Not only is he the sovereign of make-up, but he is a renowned hairstylist as well.  Antowan has a degree in Cosmetology with a special interest in Creative Make-up art.  Throughout his career as a cosmetologist he has served as a Freelance Contractor/Consultant Artist, as well as been employed by MAC cosmetics.  Just about anyone who has had work done by Antowan can testify that he, beyond doubt, lives by his motto “surfacing your inner beauty” one person at a time.
Ashley Scott, Make up Artist - Ashley has always been fun-loving, creative and passionate about whatever project she places her hands to. She owns and operates DollFacez Makeup Artistry and has always had a passion for becoming a makeup artist and she loves to make her clients feel beautified! DollFacez is a long term dream that has finally become a reality. The time is now at hand!


Darrick Long, Camara Assistant /Assistant Editor